The Madden Team was created as a father and son real estate sales team. Our team always knew that we wanted to be more than just a real estate team, as we've often said "Real estate is what we do, it's not who we are." This is where the concept for the SOLD for HOPE Pledge came to life, where we started reaching out to local non-profits to learn more about how we could be of help. We also decided that we would contribute 10% of our net commission towards awareness and donations to one of our Core Four non-profit organizations at the end of every home sale. Our Core Four organizations are The Perkins School for the Blind, The Home for Little Wanderers, The MSPCA and The Trustees of Reservations. Our goal at these organizations is to become engaged through volunteerism, advocacy and donations to create as much impact as we can.

We realized that we needed and wanted to do more. This is when we decided to grow The Madden Team with like-minded individuals who were looking to make positive impacts in their communities through story-telling, volunteering, advocacy and donating. Our mission is to create a positive hub for people to work together to promote the good in our local communities, region, nation and world.

We hope you consider joining our mission and learning about the different areas where we look to make impact. Our slogan, "Creating Communities. Changing Communities." is more than meets the eye.

Creating Communities.

We are striving to create a community of like-minded people who share opportunities, positive stories, their time and their stories. We are also creating communities through our Sold for Hope Real Estate Services where we are helping home buyers and home sellers through their real estate needs. We are looking to create a community of volunteers that organizations can turn to for help during shortages of volunteers. We are looking to create a community of advocates who share important stories, opportunities and more through social media to spread the word of these great organizations. We are also looking to create a community of donors, both monetary and material, that we can turn to for drives and in times of non-profit monetary needs for support.

Changing Communities.

We are striving to change many communities, both geographic and people driven. Through our Sold for Hope Real Estate Services we hope to change many communities for the better. Helping sellers to find great buyers and helping buyers to find somewhere to call home within their communities. We are hoping to change many non-profit communities through our Sold for Hope Pledge donations and advocacy. We are hoping to change the real estate community into a giving first community, where agents main priority is serving others instead of themselves.

We are on a mission Creating Communities. Changing Communities. and we hope you join us as a member of The Madden Team.


Mark Madden


Mark was born and raised in Watertown and attended the Watertown Public Schools. Mark is married with two children and now lives in Sudbury.

Outside of his work passion, Mark loves the game of basketball, spending time with friends and family and visiting The Finger Lakes where he went to college.

John Madden


John was born, raised and still calls Watertown home. John is married with three children and nine grandchildren.

Outside of the office, John loves golfing with his brothers, community involvement, traveling to see his family and hosting gatherings for friends and family.


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